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More Home Cooking, Less Fast Food

3 Jan

I have fallen into a food rut and my kids are suffering because of it. With all of the demands on my time, I have gone from cooking five to six nights per week, to barely cooking three nights per week. And, when I d0 cook, I am just rotating our collection of “safe” dinners. Cooking holds no joy, it is just another chore on my never-ending chore list.

New year, new attitude!

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to cook more for my family. Not only do I want to cook more, I want to develop a love for cooking, to improve my techniques, and to try as many new recipes as I can. I do not profess to be a chef, so rarely will I create a recipe, but rather I will scour cookbooks, magazines, and the web for quick, easy, kid-friendly recipes that I can try to recreate at home and rate.

The plan!

To cook five nights per week, Sunday through Thursday. I figured that by Friday I deserve a break and Saturday is an unpredictable day, so why put pressure on myself. I have recruited the entire family to support me in this endeavor. With three kids, it is so difficult to find meals that they all like, so I had to explain to them what I am doing and why…we’ll see how long this support lasts when they start missing their weekly pizza fix!

The key to the success of this cooking adventure will be ORGANIZATION! I have to meal plan, shop from that plan, and do as much prep work on the weekends as possible. Much easier said than done.

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